Molecular Transport Media: Understanding the Differences between MTM and VTM

Molecular Transport Media (MTM) is a crucial component in the field of molecular biology and virology, as it is used to transport and preserve the viability of pathogenic microorganisms for further testing and analysis. There are two main types of Molecular Transport Media: MTM and VTM. Understanding the differences between these two types of MTMRead More

Wharton’s Jelly Injection: A Game-Changer in Orthobiologics!

The fluid connective tissue that makes up the umbilical cord is referred known as “Wharton’s Jelly.” It was formerly believed to be postpartum trash, yet this substance, which was once discarded, is bursting with healing agents and rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Since they are not quickly identified by the body’s immune system, theRead More

Types of Agar Plates

Agar, a gelatinous polymer substance generated from red algae, is frequently employed as a substrate in biological laboratories. Agar plates are Petri dishes that contain agar and a growth media to cultivate bacteria and other microorganisms. The first round of microorganisms is placed on the gelatinous surface of the plate, where they are then incubatedRead More

Why Choose The Appropriate Viral Transport Medium (VTM)?

The appropriate tool for gathering a sufficient volume of a viral sample and cautious storage of that material while it is being transported to a lab for analysis are the first two crucial steps in making an accurate medical diagnosis. If they are not properly kept during shipment, viral samples might quickly deteriorate. Choosing theRead More