Viral Transport Medium Kit

    AdvancellsTM Viral Transport medium is specially designed and formulated medium for collection and transportation of viruses, especially COVID-19. It is designed to maintain the optimum viability and virulence in the sample. The viral transport medium is stable at room temperature. AdvancellsTM Viral Transport Medium is made of Hanks’ Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) and contains protective protein antibiotics to control microbial contamination and buffers to control the pH; which are in accordance with the guidelines prepared by WHO & CDC.

    The kit is also composed of sterile, individually wrapped, and easy to collect specimen swabs for Nasal and Throat specimen. The long shafts can be easily cut after collection, as they do not have a breakpoint. Both the swabs can be collected in a single transport tube, provided along with the kit. The sterile absorbent pad will help to avoid leakage, if any.


    Key Features of VTM Kits

    • 3ml Transport Medium in 15 ml Gamma sterilized conical base tube.
    • Unique formulations to transport biomolecules, keeping their molecular integrity intact.
    • Flocked Nylon swabs with breakpoints and higher surface area for better sample yield.
    • Enhanced stability and nucleic acid recovery due to the presence of suitable protein complex.
    • Optimal chemical composition to prevent fungal as well as microbial growth with Pack Size Individual/50 Vials
    • Each lot is investigated for gram testing, nutrients well as blood agar plating, and direct incubation
    • Third-party certification can be provided with each batch mentioning pH, osmolality, and microbial growth.
    • Stability performance tested with short term stability at 15-200c for 2-4 months and long-term stability of 1 year at 2-8°C
    • ICMR/NIV approved product prepared in ISO/GMP certified established laboratory

    Detail Instruction for use of VTM Kit

    • Open the pack and take out the swab. Get sampling with swab from right body parts.
    • Place the swab into virus specimen tube all the way to the bottom of the tube; with detailed information about patient
    • Cut the plastic shaft to fit swab in the tube
    • Tighten the cap, shake it several times, wrap it along with the parafilm seal to avoid leakage and complete the sampling.
    • Place the tube, along with the absorbent pad in the zip lock pouch; provided along with the vtm kit.

    Quality Control

    Advancells Diagnostics VTM kits are manufactured in sterile conditions and meet the ISO Guidelines.


    Transparent Clear solution

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    pH at 25°C

    7.4 ± 0.2

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    Osmolality in mOsm/Kg H2O

    270mOsm - 290mOsm

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    No bacterial or fungal growth was observed after 14 days of incubation.

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    VTM Kit FAQs

    Appropriate biosafety precautions should be followed as per CDC guidelines while sample collection.

    Advancells TM Viral Transport Medium kit (VTM kit) is approved by ICMR and NIV, Pune.
    Viral Transport Medium is sterile and manufactured under thorough aseptic conditions for COVID-19 testing.
    Viral Transport Medium is pink in colour due to phenol red indicator for maintaining an optimum pH range.
    The major difference comes up in the application of these medical swabs. Cotton swabs are not typically recommended for specimen collection as efficient release is not achieved and complications might occur during DNA testing. Polyester swabs have excellent collection and efficient release properties as they are not as absorbent. Nylon flocked swabs are preferred for sample collection for their ability to absorb and elute more specimen than traditional fiber swabs.
    AdvancellsTM Viral Transport Medium kit is a collection and transport kit which makes it easier for labs and pathology centers to collect samples from patients in case of home collection or clinic collection. Therefore, VTM kit provides an advantage of keeping the SARS-CoV2 virus viable in the medium from the time of collection to the time of testing, which is generally done using a rapid test kit.
    Shelf life of the VTM kit for COVID-19 testing is 12 months and should be used before the expiry date given on the label.
    VTM kit should be stored at 15-30oC
    Please contact us at +918588831945 for enquiries and further information.
    Both nasal and oral swabs have breakpoints to make it easy for vial and sample transport after collection.