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    Differences between MTM and VTM

    Molecular Transport Media (MTM) is a crucial component in the field of molecular biology and virology, as it is used to transport and preserve the viability of pathogenic microorganisms for further testing and analysis. There are two main types of Molecular Transport Media: MTM and VTM. Understanding the differences between these two types of MTMRead More

    Advancells VTM Kit

    The appropriate tool for gathering a sufficient volume of a viral sample and cautious storage of that material while it is being transported to a lab for analysis are the first two crucial steps in making an accurate medical diagnosis. If they are not properly kept during shipment, viral samples might quickly deteriorate. Choosing theRead More

    flocked nylon swabs

    Flocked swabs are the latest advancement in single-use specimen collecting tools. Flocking is a method of attaching (multi-length fibres) to an adhesive-coated surface to improve specimen collecting. For various purposes, all flocked swabs have distinct advantages. liquid transfer media in a flocked swab. The flocked nylon swabs are a significant advancement in microbiology since theirRead More

    Advancells VTM kits for Covid-19 testing

    Lately, India lifted all Covid-19-related restrictions, and government officials in Maharashtra have mentioned the arrival of a new recombinant XE variant. Despite the fact that the national count of Covid-19 cases is decreasing, evolving variants of SARS- CoV-2 may disrupt the pandemic’s flattened graph in India. As the XE variant makes its way into India,Read More

    molecular transport medium

    Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a pressing demand for specialised disposable virus sample collecting and transfer kits to facilitate efficient virus movement after identification by molecular detection assay. Virus Transport Medium Kit (VTM) and Molecular Transport Media (MTM ) have indeed been developed in response to the growing requirement forRead More

    VTM kit Manufacturer

    During the COVID-19 outbreak, the success of SARS-CoV-2 identification is primarily indicative of the quality of the material and the parameters in which it is handled and stored before even being processed in the laboratories. With the emerging cases of the new variant of coronavirus- Omicron, the need for Viral Testing Media (VTM) is soaringRead More