We Support in Manufacturing Global Growth and Dignostic Innovation

    "We understand that In Vitro Diagnostic Plays an important role in clinical decision making. Our Mission is to drive the healthcare to the next level of innovation."


    We are equipped with highly qualified and experienced team in our Research & Development centre; along with equally high production capacity. Our state-of-the art laboratory that is equipped with all high end and modern equipments like BSC Class II/III, analysers, automated cell counters, incubators, microscope etc.; wherein we carry our quality check procedure to ensure safety and performance of our products.

    With our passion driven approach to offer the most comprehensive in vitro diagnostic solutions, we have doubled the area of manufacturing facility and R&D processes; to fulfil the rising demands of production. Our manufacturing unit has dedicated sections for molecular diagnostics, production, quality check, and diagnostic solutions etc.

    We have our own in house manufacturing and quality control unit based in Noida, UP-201301. We are focused towards the development of best in class, high quality diagnostic products, kits and reagents; across wide segments like biotechnology, microbiology etc.


    Advancells Diagnostics' our area of expertise

    Todays healthcare is challenged to deliver high quality and reliable diagnostics within stipulated period of time. We are committed to meet these demands through our sustainable range of products, wide manufacturing capacity and optimized resources


    Our focus is on all major health areas :

    • consistent and predictable turn around time for smoother operations and better clinical outcome.
    • Ready to use products for maximum convenience of handling, minimum logistics efforts.
    • Scalable tailor made solutions for higher clinical efficiency.
    • Advancells Diagnostics developed it’s first sterile in the form of Viral Transport Medium.
    • Our products are offered with special emphasis on efficient and compatible healthcare solutions


    We need to proactively build large capabilities and infrastructure for better pandemic preparedness.Covid-19 has totally changed the story-line. In the pre-COVID era, the general public did not really understand what diagnostic were! Our objectives are to continue to drive the value of diagnostics, even beyond COVID. We wish to spread an awareness towards Prevention than Cure

    Vipul Jain, CEO


    Innovating development and manufacture

    Our in house development and manufacturing team is working hard to develop quality healthcare products tailored to the unique needs of diagnostic markets.

    Covid-19 Solutions



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