BMC Kit Product Description

    Advancells BMC Technologies is the leader in developing point-of-care platforms to concentrate autologous stem cells, growth factors, and accessory cells to help optimize the conditions for healing. The Advancells BMC concentrate system can be used with any recommended centrifugation system thereby eliminating the need for autograft by efficiently concentrating and recovering regenerative cells while retaining their cellular viability and proliferative potential. Advancells BMC system is the current gold standard in making use of Autologous bioactive cells derived from peripheral blood in hospital and office settings.


    Advantages of BMC

    • Multifunction, point-of-care platform for concentrating autologous cells.
    • Delivers 100% pure bone marrow aspirate concentrate.
    • One-button operation.
    • 20-minute automated process.

    Advancells BMC Procedure Packs

    • All-inclusive procedure packs based on clinical need (standard kit shown above)
    • Efficient Bone marrow collection tubes with crystalized anti-coagulant.

    Why Advancells BMC?

    Studies have shown healing is compromised in the absence of cellular concentration, particularly with patients that have significant comorbidities. 12,13,14 The Advancells BMC system produces the highest cell yields available while concentrating the full complement of cells. 15 Advancells BMC System:

    • Concentrates all the key cells in their natural ratios
    • Keeps cells in their natural plasma for maximum viability
    • Enables the clinician to adjust the cell dose/volume
    • Concentrates cells in less than 20 minutes at point-of-care
    • Produces consistent and reliable nucleated cell loads