AdvancellsTM Viral Lysis Medium

    AdvancellsTM Viral Lysis medium is a specifically designed medium intended for collection, inactivation, and transportation of Sars-CoV-19 virus from the collection site to diagnostic centers. The primary application of the type of transportation system is to safely transport highly contagious clinical specimens like Sars-CoV-19 through inactivation with chaotropic agents and surfactants; which further renders the virus non-infectious to offer complete protection to the technicians. The medium is prepared with unique formulation chelating agents and divalent cations that inactivate the nuclease enzyme and further protect the nucleic acid released. As per the regulatory standards proposed by CDC and World Health Organization, this transportation system is highly effective for low viral load specimens. The performance evaluation of the proposed Viral Lysis Medium is assessed for its ability to prevent false positive/false negative reports and long-term stability of 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


    Key Features of Viral Lysis Medium Kit

    • 2 ml Viral inactivation medium in 10 ml ETO sterilized flat base tube
    • Unique formulations are helpful for viral inactivation immediately, yet maintaining the molecular integrity of the virus.
    • Flocked nylon swab with higher surface area for effective capture of mucosal epithelial cells infected with Virus.
    • Enhanced stability up to 24 months and accurate diagnosis even at low viral load.
    • Since the system is comprised of inactivated viral particles, it offers complete protection to the end-users.
    • Each lot is QC tested for fungal/microbial growth and chemical parameters
    • The batch is released with the appropriate Certificate of Authenticity
    • The product is validated by ICMR/NIV for optimum performance.

    Detailed Instruction for use

    • Open the swab first, check for the sterility performance of the swab by checking its indicator.
    • Place the swab appropriately in the buccal cavity, by asking patients to open their mouths wide apart.
    • Rub the swab gently against the inner lining of the mucosa (The pinkish part of the pellet in the mouth)
    • Beware to protect yourself with appropriate protective wears like gowns, masks, eye shields, gloves, etc.
    • Cut the plastic shaft at the breaking point and place it in the appropriate tube; tighten the cap, and seal it tightly.

    Quality Control

    Advancells Diagnostics VLM kits are manufactured in sterile conditions and meet the ISO Guidelines.


    Transparent Clear solution

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    pH at 25°C

    7.4 ± 0.2

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    Osmolality in mOsm/Kg H2O

    270mOsm - 290mOsm

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    No bacterial or fungal growth was observed after 14 days of incubation.

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    VLM Kit FAQs

    Appropriate biosafety precautions should be followed as per CDC guidelines while sample collection.

    The Viral Lysis Medium is designed specifically for collecting and transporting viruses. It is developed to lyse and keep the virus sample in optimum condition whereas VTM is designed to keep the viability and pathogenicity of viral specimens at their peak.
    Yes, it is stable at room temperature and preserves RNA at a higher temperature.
    Blue colour of VLM is due to the presence of EDTA whereas VTM is pink due to phenol indicators.
    This medium preserves the nucleic acid integrity for molecular testing. The lysing characteristic of the Viral Transport Medium lyses microorganisms and makes them non-infectious, providing users with protection.
    Yes, it may be possible but studies have shown that VLM is a better candidate for molecular testing than VTM because it keeps the molecular integrity of the virus intact and hence, produce better results.
    Yes, 2-3ml of VLM is sufficient for testing.
    Advancells Diagnostics manufactures Viral Lysis Media is manufactured as per the demands of customers.
    Even though the virus is inactivated in the lysis medium, the genetic material of the virus is sufficient for diagnostic purposes and molecular testings.