Why do Flocked Swabs Collect Better Specimen?

flocked nylon swabs

Flocked swabs are the latest advancement in single-use specimen collecting tools. Flocking is a method of attaching (multi-length fibres) to an adhesive-coated surface to improve specimen collecting. For various purposes, all flocked swabs have distinct advantages. liquid transfer media in a flocked swab.

The flocked nylon swabs are a significant advancement in microbiology since their properties make them a lot more efficient and user-friendly tool, both in PCR and for seeding machine automation. Its numerous advantages over standard swabs are appreciated by microbiological testing laboratories. Here are some of the advantages of flocked nylon swabs:

  • Compatible with automation
  • Suitable for molecular diagnostics approaches
  • It makes collecting, transporting, and processing microbiological specimens much easier
  • Increased sample recovery reliability due to the medium’s strong adsorption and elution capability
  • Since the sample is totally immersed in the medium, it has higher viability
  • It enables you to make several homogeneous inoculates from a single sample
  • It can be used in any work environment
  • Reduced chances of cross-contamination

Advancells Diagnostics Viral Transport Media

Advancells Diagnostics VTM kits have flocked nylon swabs that are a fantastic choice for lab workers collecting specimens for the following reasons:

  • Flocked Swabs Offer the Best Sampling
    Because of its capacity to better gather cells or organisms at the collection site and release complete cells quickly, flocked swabs are a great choice for use with rapid diagnostic tests. Advancells Diagnostics’ flocked swabs offer an exceptional manufacturing method that enables a substantially better sample yield.
  • Accelerated Elution
    Because our flocked swabs are entirely incorporated with the handle which means that they don’t have an inner cloth or other inner layers to soak the specimen, they gather and keep more specimens. This not only improves sample yield but also enables a faster and more thorough discharge of the specimen into the viral medium.
  • Improved Detection Sensitivity
    The revolutionary flocked technology transforms each strand of fibre into a silky brush, resulting in hundreds of thousands of contact points for enhanced sample collection and transfer. When compared to non-flocked swabs, the greater number of target cells enhances the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.
  • Easy Handling & Safe Transport
    Pre-moulded breakpoints are available on our Viral Transport Media Kits flocked swabs, allowing you to easily split the tip before adding the lid to the vial.

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